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November 4, 2016

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

By Ling Werner

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The Medical School is going through many changes this year: A new school dean was named this Spring, Fredric Meyer, M.D., the interviews for the opening of the Arizona Campus in 2017, and now the change of the medical school name to Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. There were several considerations that went into revising the name of the medical school, Fredric Meyer, M.D., executive dean for Education, Mayo Clinic, says “The name Mayo Clinic is synonymous with excellence. We felt that strong brand needed to be conveyed across all of Education . . . and this was an opportunity to align our naming conventions with competitive academic medicine standards.”

The school’s social media accounts will also be revised to reflect the new school name. Our content will continue to reflect the lives of our students, highlighting their diverse experiences and successes.

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